Why work at a bakery?

Auszubildender kümmert sich um die Brötchen
Auszubildende am Brot verkaufen
Auszubildende verkauft Brot
Auszubildender an der Backmaschine
Junger Bäcker zeigt seine Brote stolz

A secure job

Fresh bread and baked goods are produced and sold every day in bakeries. Consequently, a job at a bakery is a secure job.

An important profession

The Germans are famous for their bread all around the world. Nowhere else can you find so many different types of bread and baked goods. The bakery trade has a long, outstanding tradition, so bakers and specialist bakery salespersons are jobs with a strong future.

Contact with other people

A bakery would, of course, be nothing without its sales staff. They deal with customers every day. They know everything about the products in their bakery and can offer their customers comprehensive advice.

Modern, yet traditional

As a baker, you will learn a traditional trade. Bread has been around for thousands of years. Today, you use not just your hands, but also modern machines that will help you in your daily work.

Pride in your work

The great thing about working in a bakery is that you can see what you’ve achieved – as a baker, when the fresh bread is sitting in the shop window for all to see, or as a specialist bakery salesperson, when everything has been sold at the end of the day.

What are the careers like?


As a baker, you will principally work with food and have a wide variety of different tasks. The job is physically demanding and you work a lot with your hands. You can also be very creative and produce pastries and biscuits, for example.

As a baker, you are constantly moving and have somewhat different working hours to many other people. You should be passionate about what you do, as you can feel proud every day to have created something using your own hands.

Specialist bakery salesperson

As a specialist bakery salesperson, you will work in sales at the counter as well as in service. You will deal with customers every day. You should naturally enjoy dealing with people and should have a friendly, communicative approach.

You will know all about the products you’re selling and enjoy promoting them. You will maintain an overview of every situation and always be able to offer good advice to customers.

Illustration Bäcker Tüte und Gebäck Illustration Bäcker Tüte und Gebäck
Belegtes Brötchen mit Salat Käse und Wurst
Junger Bäcker Azubi holt Brote aus dem Ofen
Einblicke in dei Backstube
Azubi backt Plätzchen
Bäcker Auszubildender rollte Teig
Halbes Brötchen mit Butter beschmiert

Working as a baker or specialist bakery salesperson offers you a secure, creative, fun career and great opportunities for professional development. To become a real expert, you need to learn the trade. An apprenticeship is the best way to do that.

Somebody who does an apprenticeship is known as an apprentice. As an apprentice, you work in the business and go to a vocational school. You don’t do these at the same time, but alternate between the two. In Germany, this is known as the ‘dual system’.

Apprenticeships in Germany

The apprenticeship programme is free of charge and lasts for three years. You will receive a monthly salary during this time. You will be paid for your work, also while in the vocational school. The business is the employer with whom you are employed and with whom you have an apprenticeship contract.

Vocational school

At the vocational school, you will learn the theory together with other apprentices. You will have lessons in various different subjects, such as business management and food science, as well as other subjects such as mathematics and English.

Apprenticeship business

You will learn the practical things at the business, or the bakery. Your trainer and your other colleagues will show you how everything works. You will learn how to prepare and produce the various baked goods. The key aspects in sales include the presentation of products and giving advice to customers.

Final exam

After three years, your apprenticeship will end with a final exam. Everything you have learned during the apprenticeship at the vocational school will be examined here. If you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate for your successfully completed apprenticeship and you will then be a skilled professional baker or bakery sales specialist. From this point forward, you will earn more money than during the apprenticeship.

Careers in the bakery trade

After you complete your apprenticeship, you will have many options open to you, as there are excellent career development opportunities. For example, you can become a baking master, manage a bakery shop or even establish your own bakery.

Not sure which career you like best?

If you’re not sure yet which trade you wish to learn, you can first do some practical training. When you do practical training, you work at a business for a certain period of time (from as little as two weeks or up to a maximum of six months) and gain some insight into a particular career.

During this time, you work at a bakery where you help the baker or the sales specialists. After some time, you can give advice to customers independently or bake your own bread.

More information about practical training

Your residence status will have a significant impact on whether you are eligible to apply for employment in Germany.

Ask your responsible government authority whether you are eligible to work or begin an apprenticeship with your current residence status. In the meantime, you can still take a look at how to find an apprenticeship. We’ll show you how to get started.

Further conditions

  • Open to all ages
  • Your papers must allow you to work as an apprentice in Germany.
  • Also possible without a school-leaving qualification
  • Knowledge of German an advantage (but not mandatory)

Where can I look for an apprenticeship position?

Take a look online at job vacancies in the bakery trade and on job portals. Or drop in to your local job centre and enquire about job vacancies. You can also enquire directly at a bakery. Using our ‘bakery finder’ tool, you can search for bakeries offering apprenticeship positions in your vicinity.

The important thing to bear in mind is that you can look for an apprenticeship position anywhere in Germany. Where you will actually begin your apprenticeship depends on your personal status.

To get an apprenticeship position, you need to apply at the business in question.

Get in contact with a business that is offering an apprenticeship position. In Germany, applicants generally submit an application with a cover letter, CV and, if possible, certificates.

Good luck!

Tips for your application

Some job portals specialise in job vacancies for refugees. Some of them allow you to create a personal profile with your applicant information, search for specific vacancies or even get some tips to help you with your application.